Audiology & Hearing Services at Susquehanna Health

The Susquehanna Health Audiology office provides comprehensive diagnostic hearing testing to the Susquehanna Health Ear, Nose, and Throat practice, in addition to other Susquehanna Health practices. 

Through our audiology and hearing services, we are able to deliver a new level of exceptional care for patients of all ages who suffer hearing loss, tinnitus and other balance disorders.

Our Services

Hearing assessment - We will be asking you questions that pertain to your specific hearing needs and concerns. Questions will be asked about pain, pressure, ringing in the ears, balance issues and noise exposure.

Hearing evaluation/Audiological testing -  This is conducted thorough assessment of your hearing in a sound-controlled setting or sound booth. While wearing a headset at each ear, you will listen to and repeat familiar two syllable-words and later on simple single words, presented at a comfortable listening level. Testing will also be completed while listening to quiet sounds at a variety of different pitches. The test results will be presented on a graph or audiogram, showing the specific pitches (frequencies) and loudness (intensity) levels that an individual can hear from each ear.

Middle ear testing/Tympanometry -  Done by inserting a small tip into your ear canal; you will hear a humming noise and feel slight pressure for a few seconds.  Directly after, you may also hear a few tones of changing volumes.  This test is checking out how the ear drum, ear bones, and one middle ear muscle are moving. The final testing will be presented in a graphic form. 

Tinnitus evaluation & treatment - Refers to "ringing in the ears" when no other sound is present. Tinnitus can sound like hissing, roaring, pulsing, whooshing, chirping, whistling or clicking. Tinnitus can occur in one ear or both ears. Call our office right away if you are experiencing these symptoms. We will work with you to get you the most appropriate treatment available.

Digital hearing aid evaluations (HAE) and Sales - During a hearing aid evaluation or HAE, you will be asked questions about your communication lifestyles, your listening needs and your hearing concerns.  These questions and your answers will help to make a decision about the quality of hearing aid(s) that best suits you and your hearing loss.  The different styles of hearing aids will also be reviewed and one selected if you choose to try hearing aids for a 30-day trial period.  Our offices hold a license from the Department of Health and follow all the PA State requirements. Technology has advanced rapidly in the area of hearing aids.  There are many different types of systems available, including digital sound processing, directional microphones for noise controls, and multiple memory devices.  These will be explained more during your HAE.   

Free Adjustments on Hearing Aids -  Susquehanna Health Audiology’s policy is to give free adjustments while your hearing aid system is in warranty.

1-2-3 year Hearing Aid Warranty - Every hearing aid sold will come with a repair warranty from the manufacturer.  The warranty length will depend on the quality of hearing aid(s) purchased.  Most manufacturers will also offer more coverage if there is a concern or individual need.

1-2-3 year Loss & Damage Protection -  Every hearing aid sold will come with a loss and damage warranty from the manufacturer.  The warranty length will depend on the quality of hearing aid(s) purchased. The manufacturer's warranty varies in price but most will need a written justification as to the loss and damage.  Some manufacturers require a notary, which can be taken care of, in our office.  Most manufacturers will also offer more coverage if there is a concern or individual need.

Hearing aid care and service - Hearing aids need periodic cleaning and checks. Hearing aid checks vary from individual to individual but, should always be checked annually at a minimum. Some will be checked at three month intervals and others may need checks twice a year; ear wax and/or moisture is normally the reason for these check-ups. Occasionally, your hearing may also need to be checked if you are noticing a decrease or change.  A modification to your hearing aid(s) will be completed as needed.

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) -  Sometimes, when listening situations can become difficult with or without hearing aids.  There are devices that can be used individually, like an amplified telephone, a device to hear the TV better, a personal listening system, door signalers, alarm clocks and bed shakers. There are also devices that can be connected to your present hearing aid system for better TV usage, phone, computer, music and an individual microphone usage for hearing better in noisy environments.

Hearing aid batteries -  Batteries are sold at Susquehanna Health Audiology under our tax-exempt status.  Batteries (sizes 10, 312, 13, and 675) are sold for either $1 per cell or $35 for a box of 40 cells.  All batteries are of premium quality, mercury-free, zinc air, and ordered frequently for freshness.

Custom-fitted earplugs -  An impression is taken with a silicone material and then the plug is made for its specific need.

Custom swim earplugs -  Custom swim plugs come in handy when attempting to keep water out of the ear canal while swimming or bathing.  An impression is made of your ear and then custom earplugs are made; the materials used float on the water surface. 

Videonystagmogragh -  A series of tests used to determine the causes of a patient's dizziness or balance disorders.