For Visitors

Our goal is to provide the best patient experience possible. That includes those who visit our patients while they are under our care. While patient safety and hospital policies must come first, we will do our best to accommodate your needs while visiting your friends and loved ones at our hospitals. If ever you have any questions or need help, please let us know.

Visitor Information

Visitor experiences are just as important to us as our patient experiences. Let us know how we can accommodate you.

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Dining services and room accommodations for visitors are provided by Susquehanna Health.

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Send a Cheer Card

Let your loved one know you are wishing them well with a cheer card that is delivered right to the patient's room.

Our Health and Safety Policies

Whether a patient or a visitor, it's your duty to help keep Susquehanna Health a safe and healthy place for healing.

Web Nursery

We're proud of our Susquehanna babies and their growing, happy families. Our online nursery allows you to celebrate with us!