Pain Management

Just as your bones, muscles and nerves are connected, so, too, are the services at Susquehanna Health. Our board-certified Pain Medicine specialist works in close connection with your established medical team to help alleviate chronic pain from injury or illness.

Pain is the body's stop sign. It's OK to stop every now and then, but chronic pain puts a halt on life. Susquehanna Health's Pain Management staff looks to partner with you and your family doctor to help lessen your chronic pain, increase your function, and enable you to enjoy life.

Chronic pain is pain that has lasted for three to six months or longer, that has not responded to medicine or other conventional therapies. Whether it stems from a sports injury, accident, arthritis, cancer, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, failed back or neck surgery, or other degenerative conditions, our professionals will create a therapy program tailored to your specific situation, with the end goal of ending your chronic pain.