Cutting-Edge Technology at Susquehanna Health

Continually investing in the latest technology is key to providing high-quality care to our patients. Physicians who practice at Susquehanna Health and within the surrounding communities are able to test, diagnose and treat patients with the best technology available in the medical field.

  • Electronic Medical Record/Order Entry
  • Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) - Susquehanna Health currently runs PACS, which integrates fully with our Radiology Management System and Lifetime Clinical Record, giving physicians, radiologists, technologists and other clinicians immediate access to the patient's complete medical record - including images - from anywhere, anytime.
  • Hybrid OR - The advanced imaging capabilities in this room allow our physicians to treat more complex aneurysms and other vascular cases. Traditional open and minimally invasive procedures can be done in the same room, reducing the risk of infection, shortening the length of procedures and providing better outcomes.
  • Susquehanna MRI - Offers both Open MRI by Hitachi and high field strength MRI from Phillips in a modern centrally-located building. See the link below to read more.
  • Heart Hospital Within A Hospital - Susquehanna Health Heart & Vascular Insititute has been expanded to operate as a full-service center for cardiac patients, with a CVSU, Cardiac Cath Lab and planned electrophysiology lab and vascular center.
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) - Susquehanna Health is the first health system in the region to offer PET scanning capabilities.
  • Joint & Spine Center - Susquehanna Health has a dedicated Joint & Spine Center to provide a therapeutic environment for our patients. This center has 24 private rooms, family zones for visitors, fully equipped therapy gym, ergonomically designed chairs, nurses’ stations and amenities that include private bathrooms, internet access and flatscreen TVs.  
  • Anterior Hip Replacement - A proven technique that minimizes the pain and the time from surgery to recovery for patients, the anterior hip replacement allows patients to immediately bend their hip freely and bear full weight when comfortable, resulting in a more rapid return to normal function.  Our anterior hip replacements are completed by using the Hana® table.   The Hana® table allows for safe hyperextension, adduction and external rotation of the leg, incorporating the patented femoral lift and support system enhancing femoral exposure for improved component placement.

Listed above are just a few examples of the recent investments Susquehanna Health has made to remain on the cutting edge of modern medicine. Being named to Hospitals & Health Networks "Most Wired Hospitals and Health Systems" list eight consecutive years supports Susquehanna Health's commitment to the best that medical and information technology has to offer.