Scope Of Services

Because Susquehanna Health is a fully integrated health system, nurses are able to select a clinical specialty from a wide range of services.

Acute Care: Nursing staff are primary members of the team that supports the comprehensive treatment plan for patients in The Rehabilitation Center and Behavioral Health Medicine. A sense of accomplishment will be evidenced as you assist your patients' recovery from the acute phase of illness through the outpatient reinforcement to a return to their highest level of well-being.

Critical Care: We offer full service from a level II trauma center EMR, a 12-bed Intensive Care unit, an 11-bed cardiovascular surgical unit and a 32-bed telemetry step-down unit. These services are supported by an Invasive Cardiology Lab and a state-of-the-art surgical facility.

Long Term Care: Our 139-bed Long-Term Care facility enables nurses to enhance the well-being of our residents, taking a role in offering quality and serenity in assisting these men and women during the twilight years of life.

Maternity Care: Our Birthplace™ welcomes over 1,300 babies each year and nurses there have a rare opportunity to impact the heath and well-being of a new family.

Ongoing Care: Our medical patient populations require the expertise of our professional staff as they recover from diabetic and endocrine disturbances, medical oncologic treatments, medical management of cardiac and vascular disease, interventional support and therapy for neurological disease and stroke, renal and respiratory failure.

Outpatient Care: Outpatients are served through our new SurgiCenter which is supported by a cutting-edge endoscopy center and preadmission testing facility. As a society focused on time, our nursing staff help patients have their procedures done so they can quickly move on with their daily lives.

Surgical Care: On our inpatient units, the nursing staff serve as gatekeepers for the interdisciplinary team, assisting surgical patients in their recovery from orthopedic and reconstructive procedures, vascular and thoracic surgery, major oncologic interventions and neurological surgery. Susquehanna Health, a major heart hospital for the region, provides the opportunity to specialize in caring for patients recovering from open heart surgery, heart bypass and angioplasty procedures.