Celebrate Life’s Work

You have dedicated yourself to nursing. It is your life’s work. But it’s more than that. It’s the work we do every day to sustain, protect and enhance the lives of our patients. In that way, it is the work of life or Life’s Work. The double meaning of the phrase is so applicable to who we are as nurses.

There was a moment in every nurse’s past when, as individuals, we determined that we needed to be a nurse. Some think of it as inspiration, others consider it a calling. But no matter what attracted you to this profession, we all share a single passion to help those in need.

Beyond all the other factors, you are a nurse today because you care. You have a special compassion for people that drives you to serve. And you draw strength and satisfaction from knowing you make a difference.

As Susquehanna Health embarks on the journey to achieve Magnet status, we will use this logo and phrase to keep us focused on what’s truly important. Nursing is our life’s work because it is Life’s Work.