Request a Speaker

Knowledge is power. Build your knowledge about health, and you become more powerful in staying healthy. Professionals within Susquehanna Health are willing to share their knowledge with your group to help promote healthy living. We believe education contributes to our overall vision: to be the healthiest community in the United States.

If your group would like to learn more about a particular health issue, consider asking a specialized healthcare professional. Gather a group of 10 to 15 individuals, choose a specific topic and contact Susquehanna Health by email or telephone. Below are contacts for a variety of health topics.

Advanced Care PlanningDiana Ohl(570) 326-8956
Breast HealthDiane Sholder(570) 326-8200
Cancer Care                                 June Zimmerman                    (570) 326-8470
Heart CareClaire Maurer(570) 321-2888
Home Care & HospicePat McGee(570) 320-9690
Medication issuesCrystal Gilbert(570) 321-2551
Palliative care/life-limiting diseasesNancy Patchen(570) 326-8926
Pastoral CareJackie Perchinski(570) 321-2215
Preventing falls, exerciseJoseph Wood(570) 321-2644
Reproductive healthJudy Brague Deacon(570) 321-3143 
Stroke preventionStaci Mondell(570) 321-2830 
Stroke recovery and rehabilitationDella Watson(570) 321-2036
Wound healingAlison Jean, RN(570) 326-8550

If a professional is available the day you request, he or she will travel to your group meeting location. Please keep the following in mind when making your request:

  • Group meetings should be held in the greater area
  • Allow about 15 to 20 minutes. The speaker will provide an overview of the topic rather than a seminar or workshop
  • Please make your request two to four weeks in advance