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Corporate Communications at Susquehanna Health

We welcome news inquiries from members of the media and are dedicated to quickly and helpfully responding to your requests. The Corporate Communications Department can also assist journalists in contacting Susquehanna Health health experts in a wide variety of medical specialties, health topics and healthcare industry trends.

Patient Information Guidelines

To more closely protect the privacy of patients and their families, we will no longer disclose a patient’s status or condition to the media. While HIPAA permits us to do so, Susquehanna Health is strengthening our policies to safeguard patient privacy, as well as protect personal and health information. 

During a disaster situation, the public may benefit from the release of general information if it could reduce public anxiety.  The Marketing/Corporate Communications division will exercise judgment under these circumstances and discern if it is in accordance with the SH Disaster Plan.  If a patient is opted out, we can neither confirm nor deny their presence in an SH facility.  This applies also to “automatic opt out” patients and includes drug and alcohol abuse patients, behavioral health patients, crime victims and prisoners.

Contact the Communications Department

The Corporate Communications Department will direct your inquiry to the appropriate person, make arrangements for an interview if possible or get back to you with the information requested. During normal business hours (Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5 pm), call us at  . You can also email us at  . 
Our mailing address is , , PA .

Current News

Check here for our latest press releases about Susquehanna Health news and events. 

Common Questions and Answers

Q: How do I contact Susquehanna Health for more information about a news release or to request help?

A: Reporters and editors may call the Corporate Communications office at . You may also email questions and requests to

Q: How do I arrange to cover a story at Susquehanna Health or to interview a doctor or patient?

A: Susquehanna Health provides assistance to news reporters, photographers and video crews who wish to arrange phone or in-person interviews with SH physicians, scientists, staff and patients.

You will find that our assistance, whether arranging a simple phone conversation or an elaborate video shoot, makes the interaction smoother for all involved. We also can request physicians to assist you in meeting a story deadline.

In order to protect patient confidentiality, our assistance and presence with a hospital representative is mandatory for any visits by members of the media to our campuses.

Patients who will be interviewed on video or photographed within a Susquehanna Haelth facility must sign a HIPAA media release form, available from our Marketing Department. Please call us at
to arrange interviews, visits or patient interactions. Please remember that we always consider the patient’s health, privacy and protection and the hospital’s protection of staff and patients when reviewing requests.

Q: What are the services offered by Susquehanna Health's Corporate Communications staff?

A: The Susquehanna Health staff is available to respond to journalist inquiries about medical research, advances in patient care and general health and fitness news.

Specifically, we provide:

  • Assistance in identifying and scheduling interviews with experts; please give as much notice as possible
  • Photographs, as available
  • Coordination with SH media relations office on news and news issues